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Dive into the 6sense Platform

Achieve Efficient Growth
with 6sense Revenue AI™ for Marketing

Eliminate wasted costs, time, and effort in any climate — while delivering high-quality pipeline and predictable revenue.


Guesswork is the Enemy.

Traditional revenue technologies can’t detect anonymous B2B buying activity, creating a Dark Funnel™ that subverts sales and marketing efforts. 

This lack of data breeds mistimed engagement and missed opportunities. Access to the proper data and insights helps organizations remove guesswork and make decisions with confidence.

revenue intelligence platform
revenue intelligence platform

Find Certainty. Light Up the Dark Funnel.

You can’t personalize the buyer’s journey if you can’t consistently (and accurately) identify accounts engaging with your business.

6sense Revenue AI™ illuminates hidden buyer behavior in the Dark Funnel™ while enhancing the technologies you already use. You’ll capture every revenue moment, make data-driven decisions, and deliver more predictable revenue.

Unify the Entire Revenue Team on a Comprehensive Revenue Platform

Proceed with confidence knowing which accounts are actually “in-market” to focus resources, develop pipeline, and grow revenue.​

Proceed with confidence knowing which accounts to prioritize, engage, and accelerate today based on intent and pre-intent data.

Proceed with confidence with clean, current data to target the right audience — and improve campaign performance and ROI.

Unify the Revenue Team

Get Ultimate Clarity to Capture, Target, & Boost Revenue

Capture anonymous buying signals, accurately predict which accounts to target at the ideal time, and boost revenue performance with 6sense Revenue AI™.

Capture Revenue Moments

Uncover invisible intent signals from buyers researching your company.

  • Utilize intent data from hidden buying signals like site visits, content consumption, peer review sites, and more.
  • Accurately match buying signals to accounts across devices, channels, and locations.
  • Cleanse and enrich data that powers your revenue team to get a complete picture of your buyer.
Capture Revenue Moments
revenue intelligence platform

Target Revenue Opportunities

Precisely predict which accounts are ready to buy.

Boost Revenue Performance

Execute plays with a centralized tech stack to win bigger deals, faster.

Boost Revenue Performance

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.