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B2B Contact Database

Company & People Search

6sense Company & People Search combines an intuitive B2B account and contact data search engine with unique firmographic and proprietary insights to engage prospects when it matters most. 

Company & People Search

Pinpoint ideal customers

Proactively prospect into the best accounts with refined targeting across hundreds of company attributes, CRM filters, and engagement activity.

Reveal the buying team

Discover an account’s entire buying team, map its members’ level of engagement, and uncover decision makers from a curated database of over 250 million B2B profiles.

Turn insights into action

Gain ultimate clarity on prospect needs based on their keyword research, website visits, campaign activity, and more. Then craft personalized outreach to give them the info they need.

Finally... Painless prospecting

Today’s sellers suffer from information overload. They spend too much time poring over endless data and not enough time doing what they’re best at: actually selling.

6sense’s sales intelligence keeps your reps laser-focused on the accounts and contacts that matter.

The perfect mix of precision and persuasion

Pipeline dries up fast when sellers are swamped with irrelevant accounts and lousy contact data. 6sense rejuvenates and accelerates pipeline with razor-sharp, accurate sales intelligence6sense empowers you to precisely target in-market accounts based on ICP characteristics you define … and then reach buying teams with hyper-relevant messages that hit home.

Within three months of using 6sense, HighRadius increased engagement by 160%.

The team also saw a 40% increase in 6sense-qualified accounts.

Breezy buyer identification

Quickly search for companies and people across 6sense’s database of B2B buyer profiles and your own CRM data — all from one place.

Instant, effortless filtering

Find ideal buyers based on job title, location, company details, tech stack, intent signals, online engagement, and 6sense AI predictions.

Next-level analysis

6sense's predictive insights transcend standard firmographic and technographic data, zeroing in on buying stage, profile fit, account reach, and persona importance.

Gain total visibility the buying team & their engagement levels

Deliver on-point engagement for all buying team members

Identify every member on an account’s buying committee, their contact details, what they care about, and how much influence they exert over the deal.

Then craft highly personalized, engaging outreach that delivers real value to individual stakeholders. This builds  credibility … and stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

In three months, PTC sourced millions in net-new pipeline from 6sense-identified accounts.

6sense also helped PTC identify 1,200 net-new accounts and 1,000 qualified leads.

Use verified contact info

Engage prospects with confidence using 6sense’s vast and ever-growing database of 100+ million email addresses and 20+ million direct-dial phone numbers.

Know your buyer — better

Leverage psychographic buyer insights such as their skills, interests, experience, social profiles, and talking points to craft smart and effective outreach sequences.

Understand buyers in and out

Dive even deeper into key accounts' concerns by knowing when their buyers are viewing your website, conducting third-party research, and more.

Use relevant recommendations to convert information into action

Eliminate prospecting guesswork for your sales team by providing unified insights and actions in one digital destination.

Use Revenue AI for Sales to then intuitively pivot from buyer research to tailored, personalized outreach with embedded experiences inside SalesLoft and Outreach.

Showpad improved close rates by 289% using 6sense to prioritize its efforts.

Seventy-six percent of Showpad's qualified opportunities were sourced by 6sense.

Turn information into action

One-click cadence assignment

Add multiple contacts to relevant SalesLoft or Outreach programs with a single click — 6sense knows which programs they’re already participating in.

Instant exports, infinite uses

Turn a list of contacts or accounts into an exportable CSV list with all available details for instant use in your other systems.

A fully aligned revenue team

Centralize and aggregate data from your CRM and MAP with integrated activity tracking to create a unified source of truth.

“Psychographics changed the way I looked at intent. They make the edge of our competitive ax sharper because they help us think deeper about what the recipient of an email is looking for and what they’re truly concerned about.”

Edd Young

Vice President of Sales Ops, Martal Group

“Taking the guesswork out of sellers’ lives is probably the biggest win. They can now focus on qualifying prospects instead of trying to find prospects to qualify.”

Jake Knight

ABM Manager, Storyblok

“Our sales team leverages 6sense every single day, primarily for account prioritization. They leverage the tool to prioritize account outreach, personalize that outreach, and ensure they are focusing on the right areas.”

Elizabeth McDonough

Senior Director of Demand Generation, Classy

Contact & People Search Features

Accurate Contact Data

Access contact information verified by 15+ online sources and refreshed monthly to ensure you always have the most up-to-date details.

Technographic Prospecting

Pinpoint companies and buyers in your ICP based on competing and complementary technologies they’re currently using.

CRM Integration

Push data seamlessly from 6sense to your CRM with the flexibility to create new fields or keep 6sense data separate.

Add Contacts to Cadences

With a single click, engage high-intent buyers and combine similar personas across accounts into relevant SalesLoft or Outreach cadences.

Frequently Asked Questions

A company research tool increases seller productivity by streamlining the process of researching potential customers, competitors, and market trends. This allows sellers to focus their time on what they’re best at: actually selling.

Company research tools also facilitate better decision-making, as it offers access to accurate, up-to-date market data and insights. This helps businesses better customize their outreach and messaging to their target accounts. These tools also save time and money by providing valuable competitive intelligence and eliminating manual research and analysis tasks.

Professional contact directories provide a centralized system for quickly and easily locating contact information for individuals and organizations. They also provide valuable account-level insights such as third-party intent, AI-driven buying predictions, and technographic and psychographic insights.

6sense Revenue AI™ contains information for nearly 50 million companies tracked across 200+ countries.

6sense Revenue AI™ contains 270 million profiles, including 100 million emails and 20 million direct dials.

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies.

Improve data, connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.